Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Alyssa Abbey Arkansas River development and late Cenozoic exhumation in the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado. University of Michigan Detrital U-Th-Pb
James Chapman Zircon δ18O Trends in Cordilleran Magmatism in the Western U.S. and the Relationship to Mantle Lithosphere Geodynamics University of Arizona zircon U-Pb geochronology and zircon δ18O isotope geochemistry
Jeremy Cordova Pressure-temperature-time evolution of the Easton terrane, North Cascades, Washington State: the record of subduction initiation. Western Washington University 40Ar/39Ar
Luke Fairchild Constraining rapid paleogeographic change in the Mesoproterozoic as recorded by the North American Midcontinent Rift University of California, Berkeley U-series
Emilie Gentry In situ U-(Th-)Pb LA-ICP-MS analysis of monazite in high-strain zones to test the extent and origin of the Norumbega fault system in the New England Appalachians, a San Andreas-type fault system. Colorado School of Mines U-(Th-)Pb LA-ICP-MS
Benjamin Klein A detrital zircon study of metasediments in lower arc crust in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Detrital U-Th-Pb
James Mauch Quantifying active salt deformation in Spanish Valley, UT, utilizing a chronostratigraphy of offset stream terraces Utah State University cosmogenic radionuclide (CRN) 10Be-26Al isochron burial dating
Alexander Morelan Alluvial Fan Morphology Along Faulted Range Fronts as a Recorder of Slip Rate University of California, Davis 10Be CRN
Matthew Morris Thermochronometric constraints on the age of Hells Canyon, testing lithospheric foundering in NE Oregon. University of Oregon (U-Th)/He




Student Proposal Title Institution Technique
Aaron Bufe Investigating deformation in the wake of the Yellowstone hotspot using markers along the Snake River University of California Santa Barbara Luminescence
Barbara Ratschbacher Timescales of shallow-level pluton construction via fractionation and crystal-melt separation - implications for the volcanic-plutonic connection and upper crustal differentiation University of Southern California U-Pb TIMS
Jaime Delano Understanding earthquake-cycle contributions to uplift and incision of the southern Olympic Mountains, WA Western Washington University Luminescence
Mariana Bonich Developing novel methods to link source rock to sediment sink: overcoming the 'stepladder effect' Syracuse University (U-Th)/He
Randolph Williams Dating using the diagenetic record of the earthquake cycle, Loma Blanca Fault Zone, Socorro Basin, NM University of Wisconsin - Madison U-series
Sean Kinney Re-evaluating the White Mountain magma series through high-precision zircon U-Pb geochronology and trace element geochemistry Columbia University U-Pb TIMS
Shelby Fredrickson A geomorphic investigation of the tectonic transition between the Santa Barbara and Ventura folds belts near Rincon Point, California University of California Santa Barbara Luminescence
Stephen Nguyen Is there evidence in the magmatic record from a high-standing plateau in the Great Basin? Texas Tech University U-Pb LA-ICP-MS
Trevor Waldien Neogene deformation at a Mesozoic terrane margin in the eastern Alaska Range, Alaska University of California, Davis (U-Th)/He
Victor Guevara Durations and rates of Archean high temperature metamorphic implications for continental stabilization and early Earth tectonics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University U-Pb TIMS




Graduate student Sean Kinney, 2015 AGeS recipient, reducing data at the Princeton University Radiogenic Isotopes Laboratory