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EarthScope in the news: find below a selection of press releases, articles and resources available about the EarthScope program.

Scientists may have solved mystery of giant Midwest earthquakes (Science, September 2016)

The San Andreas Fault is Definitely Showing Signs of Large-Scale Movement (The Huffington Post, June 2016)

Looking for the next big quake: Seismologists attempt to create earthquake warning system (KTVA, May 2016)

Geochronology: It's About Time (EOS, December 2015)

Find What Earthquakes Shook The World When You Were Born (Popular Science, November 2015)

Helping Early-Career Researchers Succeed (EOS, September 2015)

Titanic Blob of Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone Supervolcano (, April 2015)

Magnetic Storms and Induction Hazards (EOS, December 2014)

Continent-Sized Scan Reveals US Underbelly (, December 2014)

New evidence for oceans of water deep in the Earth (, June 2014)

Found! Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle (, June 2014)

Precise to a fault: How GPS revolutionized seismic research (Earth Magazine, April 2014)

Scoping out the North American continent, 10 years on (Physics Today, January 2014)

Geology: North America's broken heart (, December 2013)

WATCH LIVE - News on Earthquakes, Mars, Climate Change & More (, December 2013)

Amazing Animation Shows Earthquake Ripple Across US  (, October 2013)

Hotspot Scorched Midwest, Leaving Legacy of Earthquakes, Rare Rocks (, September 2013)

Hurricane Sandy Shook the U.S. Like an Earthquake! (, April 2013)

Salton Sea Volcano Mystery Solved (, October 2012)

1,000 Earthquakes Rattle Arizona in 3 Years (, August 2012)

Fracking Earthquakes: Injection Practice Linked to Scores of Tremors (, August 2012)

Upside-Down Mountain Revealed Inside Earth (, October 2011)

Earthquake-Magnifying Pocket Beneath Seattle Seen in New Detail (, September 2011)

How Continents Grow From Rocky Roots (, May 2011)

Grand Canyon's Birth Linked to Deep Earth 'Drip' (, April 2011)

Quartz Could Hold Key to a Quake Mystery (, March 2011)


OLDER NEWS (Prior to 2011)

Yellowstone Detectives Find Underground Column of Molten Rock (, September 2010)

Geologists Haul Up Deep-Earth Rock (October, 2007)

Mystery Vibrations Detected Inside Earth (, April 2006)

Hualapai Mountain Park gets seismic (Nevada Public Radio, April 2006)

Scoping Out the Planet (Scientific American, November 2005)

Inside an Earthquake: 2 Miles Down in Fault Zone (, August 2005)

Earthscope to Keey Eye on Earthquake Faults (KSL TV, August 2005)

First Drill Hole Into San Andreas Fault Will Aid Earthquake Studies (NSF Press Release, August 2005)

San Andreas earthquake observatory achieves milestone as drillers penetrate the active fault zone (Stanford News, August 2005)

Cash shortfall threatens to rock US geophysics project (Nature, January 2005)

GPS Watches Mount St. Helens (Federal Computer Week, October 2004)

Mission Inside the Fault Zone (BBC News, September 2004)

Mysteries of San Andreas Fault Are Explored by Drill (New York Times, September 2004)

Parkfield, Monterey County: Scientists point drill at quake fault (San Francisco Chronicle, September 2004)

The Seimic Undergound (Wired Magazine, July 2004)

Seismic Stakeout (Popular Science, July 2004)

Predicting Earthquakes (The Newshour, June 2004)

Magnifying a Continent (Geotimes, March 2004)

Why must earthquakes be this devastating? (Washington Post, January 2004)

Bam Earthquake's Connection with Other Tremblors (NPR, January 2004)

Scientists will dig for answers to Earth's deep secrets / Project will look at mysteries behind quakes and volcanoes (San Francisco Chronicle, December 2003)

Project to drill into Earth fault: An ambitious project by scientists in the US to try to predict earthquakes will go ahead thanks to a $20m grant from the National Science Foundation (BBC News, December 2003)

Ambitious Earth Sciences Project Aims to Crack Mysteries of Continents (Physics Today, December 2003)

NSF Awards $219 Million Over Five Years for Earthscope Project: Far-Reaching Geosciences Effort to Understand the North American Continent (NSF Press Release, October 2003)

Planetary science: Mission to Earth's Core (Nature Journal, May 2003)

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